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 Livestock transportation is effected in Pezzaioli vehicles equipped with drinking and ventilation systems. Company operates 50 specialized trucks. Experienced drivers keep cattle happy during the voyage. The clients are informed real-time cattle location. During long distances carriages the regular stoppages are effected for watering and feeding the animals.

 We provide fast and efficient Customs clearance of livestock by the highest-qualified and experienced personnel. We control interaction between the shipper and consignee, check documents and keep timely clearance and delivery of the cattle.

 Supporting foreign trade deals includes, but not limited, assessment of conformity of trade contract to the legislation of Russian Federation, consulting on requirements of Customs, Tax and Veterinary authorities and representing the client’s interests.

  TransVentus effect full service for livestock shipments by air, discharges cattle from aircraft to road transport in the airports of Russian Federation and CIS.

 TransVentus proudly provides logistics service to leading suppliers of cattle to Russian Federation and importing companies from small private businesses to major livestock importers as Miratorg, Rosagroleasing, EkoNivaAgro,Green Agro.

 There is transit cattle keeping farm located in 30 km from the port of Ust-Luga. The farm accommodates up to 5000 heads.

 Sea transportation Is the most efficient way of catle transportation between the continents. Strong relationship with shipping companies – leaders in cattle carriage as well as extensive network of agents around the world make sea transportation cost-efficient – chartering the optimal vessels at competitive freight rates.

 We effect discharging of the cattle from a specialized vessel to the road transport through owned equipment at sea ports of Ust-Luga, Novorossiysk, Kaliningrad, Zarubino, Nakhodka.